Do you do the renovation yourself or call a professional?

Renovation projects, big and small

Most people face this dilemma, but the answer is a simple one. Self-renovating only makes sense in one case, and that is if you already have the knowledge and experience in this area. In other situations, contacting a professional company will save you money in the long-run. You will save time and stress as well, but most importantly, you will be happy with the finished results.


The modernizing of bathrooms and finding the best workable layout is an important process in any renovation. The installation of plumbing, insulation, flooring, drywall, waterproofing membrane, tile, sinks and tubs will be performed by our professionals to create a soothing ambience in your bathroom that will ensure that you not only feel relaxed, but also secure in improving the resale value of your home.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every home since it is here that the family gathers together. As you know, the resale value in most homes lies in the quality of the kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchen repairs and installations must be done by qualified specialists to meet the standards of functionality and safety while also creating a comfortable atmosphere. We can replace cabinets and counters, install new appliances, do backsplashes and lay flooring in your new space. In some cases, we can also give kitchens an economical face-lift by painting out or replacing cabinet doors/hardware and modernizing the backsplash and counters. There are now many affordable choices in countertops and flooring.


Daily, we always leave the site neat and clean. Renovations are stressful enough, so it’s important to keep your home as comfortable and livable as possible. In order to achieve top-notch results while painting, we’ll attend to the cracking, filling and dulling of paint that would negatively influence your interior space. With our professional expertise, you can expect superior workmanship, even when dealing with irregular surfaces.Home renovation generally involve a lot of painting. Not everybody can claim to be a craftsman in this area, so we recommend that you entrust the work to professionals. Regardless of the degree of difficulty, we are ready to perform this service quickly and at high-quality standards. We cover all aspects of painting: trim, crown moulding, walls, window frames, ceilings and doors. We also offer assistance in choosing a paint colour, or you can give us the paint colour of your choice.


Working with tiles is a major component of the finishing process, as they make such a huge impact and they are in place for such a long time. Tiling has many advantages: it is resistant to moisture, durable, easy to wash and has excellent decorative qualities. All of these advantages create a pleasant interior design for your room(s). Due to its permanent nature, tiling must be done carefully, responsibly and with a high degree of professionalism. The EuroReno team offers tile-mounting services, including the following: surface preparation, wall tiles, backsplashes, and floor tile installation in homes, offices or apartments. Our qualified specialists carry out the work accurately and will be finished in a short time.


Floor installation is a very important process during renovations and requires special attention. The flooring is the foundation of any room and can create a comfortable atmosphere with a more aesthetic appearance. Our company offers quick, first-rate floor-laying services at a number of price points with multiple options to choose from. We only work with qualified professionals who know what they’re doing.


Drywall is considered to be one of the most popular materials used worldwide in modern renovations. It is used for decorative finishing, for creating perfectly smooth surfaces, and for ceilings and sound/water/fire-proofing.  We are very proficient at all aspects of drywall, mudding and sanding.  It is very cost-effective and versatile and creates the crisp clean touches needed to show off the high-quality workmanship of our expert installers.


Plumbing and sanitary systems are vital in any home or office.  Plumbing fixtures, pipes and connections are improving every year with a vast number of choices to suit your taste and needs.   It’s also important to ensure the long-time operation of your plumbing.  We can professionally install anything you may need for your kitchen, bathroom, wet bar, etc. as well as offer assistance, if needed, in choosing what might work out best for you while maintaining your budget.


You should never underestimate the importance of competent professional attention to your electrical installations.  The electrical cabling and layout are extremely crucial in any renovation.  We can safely upgrade, replace, or add to your electrical panel to accommodate your new appliances, lighting, and energy efficiency, along with any additional electrical outlets that may be necessary.